Code of practice for complaints

Code of practice for complaints

At All smiles dental practice we respect the patient’s right to complain. Our policy aim is to resolve fully any complaint received to everyone’s satisfaction and as quickly as possible, without the need to approach other authorities. Any complaint received will give our team an opportunity to review and change practice procedures if necessary, with the aim of improving the standards of service being offered to the patients.


Dr A Deved, the principal dentist is the Complaints Manager. He is the designated staff member responsible for dealing with verbal or written complaint. All complaints should be addressed to Dr A Deved and will be handled in strict confidence.

Any individual who wants to make a complaint related to All smiles dental practice or the staff can

call 0208 4601065,

email at info@allsmilesdental.co.uk,

book an appointment with Dr A Deved or

send a letter to 42 High Street, Bromley BR1 1EA.


Dr A Deved will explain the complaints procedure to the individual who want to make the complaint and will ensure that their concerns are dealt with promptly.If an individual approach doesn’t solve the problem a copy of the practice complaint procedure will be provided to the patient. 

If an individual would like to make a complaint we would like the individual to let us know as soon as possible, ideally within a matter of days or at a most a few weeks. This will enable us to establish what has happened more easily. If it is not possible the individual needs to let us know within six months of discovering that a patient has a problem – provided that it is within twelve months of the incident.

If a patient has received treatment which they are not satisfied with then the complaint will involve the treating clinician.

When we record the details of a complaint we record clearly, accurate and contemporaneous the following details: 

The date the complaint was received

The person who received the complaint

The format of the complaint-verbal, written, telephone

Nature of the complaint

Results of the investigation into the complaint

The outcome of the complaint

Accurate and contemporaneous record keeping

Details of the investigation into the complaint

Summary of the complaint

The outcome

The patient’s response to the outcome

All complaints are recorded into complaint folder.

We try to avoid to enter details of patient complaints into clinical record and to keep them into complaint log folder.


Verbal Complaint :

If we received a complaint by telephone or in person the practice manager (Emilia Maiuga), the receptionist (Lauren Reeves) or the nurses (Azeez Olaitan, Vaida Trunce or Catia Matay) will listen and offer to refer the individual to the complaint manager, Dr A Deved. If the complaint manager is not available at the time, we arrange a convenient time for the Complaints’ Manager to contact the individual. The member of staff will take brief details of the issue and pass it to Dr A Deved.

The patient will sit with Dr A Deved in reception area or Dr A Deved will call them from the reception area (which is a private area away from other patients). They will be allowed to express their views without interruption. An apology, where appropriate will be given. The incident that occurred will be discussed, investigated and the results will be passed on to the patient.


Written complaint :

We will acknowledge the complaint or concern within three working days of receiving it. We will investigate the matter thoroughly and we will send a written report to the person who made the complaint within ten working days. Timescales may be different if the complaint is more serious but the patient will be kept inform with the investigation; an update will be sent to the individual every 10 days.

We will give an explanation of how we considered the complaint, the conclusions reached in respect of each specific part of the complaint, details of  any necessary remedial action taken and whether further action will be taken.

We will offer an apology where appropriate, and the opportunity to discuss the matter further if the patient wishes. We will try to identify what we can do to make sure the problem does not arise again.


Complaint for a treatment:

If a patient has received treatment which they are not satisfied with then the complaint will involve the treating clinician. The clinician will be involved from the beginning stage and will be told what the complaint is. The complaint will be investigated by the clinician involved and the complaint manager. The clinician will contact their indemnity.


Complaint for an individual with dental plan :

In case the treatment was through a dental plan the patient need to contact their plan provider as they may have a complaint process.


Complaint on behalf of someone else:

If an individual is complaining on behalf of a patient, we would adhere to the rules of confidentiality. We would therefore need the patient’s permission for the individual to act on their behalf. 


Complaint to External Authority : 

If the individual is not satisfied with our outcome of the complaint or concern they are entitled to contact the Dental Complaints Services (DCS), General Dental Services, Care Quality Commission or Citizen Advice.


Funded by the General Dental Services, Dental Complaints Services provide free and impartial service. They can assist with your complaint if you would like an apology, a refund or a contribution towards the cost of further treatment. They cannot deal with claims for compensation.

Their contact details are: 

Dental Complaints Service

37 Wimpole Street



Telephone: 0208 253 0800

(Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm)



For a very serious complaint, if the problem is so serious that you think the dental professional could be a risk to other patients please contact the General Dental Council (GDC). They don’t resolve complaints or awards compensation but they investigate the conduct of the dental professional.

Their contact details are:


General Dental Council

37 Wimpole Street



Telephone: 0207 167 6000



If the problem is so serious that you think the care provided at the practice could be a risk to other patients CQC would like to investigate, to be sure that they are meeting quality and safety standards.

The contact details are: 

Care Quality Commission

0300 061 6161




Citizen advice also provides information and advice about making complaints.

Citizens Advice




Proper and comprehensive records will be kept of any complaints received and the action we take. The practice will discuss the outcome of received complaints and find ways to prevent the complaint from happening again when possible. This meetings will be recorded with minutes and actions.



Signature: E.Maiuga

Policy Updated: 01.07.21  



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