I had severe issues with my teeth from childhood, and had undergone several rounds of surgery at Guy”s which caused me to develop a fear of dentists. By my early 20s I had very crooked teeth, so I approached a local NHS orthodontist who carried out a patch-up job which was the best option available on the NHS in the UK at that time. In recent years, my gums started to recede and unsightly metal could be seen at the top of my front teeth.

I realised I was losing confidence and felt that something better should be done. I admit I was terrified, but decided I couldn”t live with the discomfort any more.

So I swallowed my fear and went into consultations with Dr Ash Deved. He is an excellent dentist as well as a nice guy and I was pleased that he had competent training and access to technology that had not been available in the UK until now.

Between Dr Deved and his appointed gum surgeon, they have corrected my lifelong dental problems. It took about six months from start to finish, but I now have the best smile I”ve ever had! People act differently towards me and it really has changed my life.