After visiting a local dentist with a severe abscess and being told I would be referred to a hospital for an extraction which would mean a six week wait (at least), I had lost all hope, was in agony, taking pain killers every two hours and not getting any sleep.

I couldn’t wait another hour, let along 6 weeks so I visited All Smiles Dental without an appointment hoping someone could help.

Dr Ash and his staff could see that I had a swollen face and agreed to see me there and then on a Saturday evening for a consultation during which he took care of the abscess temporarily and gave me antibiotics and painkillers to last me a week, and organised an extraction the following Saturday which was a huge relief.

Since then I have been returning to All Smiles Dental regularly for the past 6 years and have had numerous treatments as I believe the team at the surgery are truly professional and caring, especially as I was a nervous patient to start off with but with their help I no longer dread a visit to the dentist. Thanks again to all at All Smiles.